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Watershed Project
Gate Interschools Real Time Science
Grizzly Creek

On Nov. 18th small groups of Gate students from Hydesville, Cuddeback, Bridgeville, and Scotia have been invited to participate in a stream survey activity on Grizzly Creek, weather permitting. Drizzle is fine, storms are not!
At these sites, we will do the following:

1. Gravel analysis : Chris Ramsey, Ca.Dept.of Fish and Game
2. Macroinvertebrate sampling: Nick Simpson, HSU graduate school
3. Plant identification and collection, Defining a riparian zone: Corey Jones
HSU, graduate student
4. Water Quality : Casey O'Day, Chauncey Willburn : Fortuna Creeks Project
Sal Steinberg, Friends of the Van Duzen.

Students will work in small groups at Grizzly Creek under the bridge at Grizzly Creek State Park.

The intent is to use the experience to:

1. Further the watershed education of students in the Van Duzen.
2. Raise awareness of habitat issues of salmon, endangered species.
3. Ask questions : What are properly functioning conditions for salmon?
4. Ask questions: What will it take in the future to insure the survival of salmon in the Van Duzen Basin?
5. Have students participate in scientific study analyzing and collecting
real time data.
6. Have students utilize the experience for a Science Project if desired
7. Have students from Hydesville as role models teaching other students
(these students have been working on a project at Wolverton Creek)
8. Have students meet and work with professional scientists in the field?
9. Have students from 4 schools meet, interact, and work together on watershed issues this year and in the future?
10. To encourage Van Duzen/Scotia students to continue in watershed issues with the Fortuna Creeks Project and as future careers.

For this project, we are hoping to have the following teachers at these sites:

1. Blaine Sigler : Cuddeback
2. Allie Christianson: Hydesville
3. Sal Steinberg : Scotia
4. Kristina Darby : Scientist in the Schools Project, Scotia
5. Virginia Mullins: Bridgeville
All students will need rubber boots to explore the creeks. All students will need a bag lunch. All students will meet at Grizzly Creek State Park at 9:30. If time allows, some students will then move to Hely Creek. The Probability is that we will remain on Grizzly Creek and the main stem of the Van Duzen at Grizzly Creek.

All schools will be responsible for a small stipend of $50 for each of the HSU graduate students. Bridgeville and Cuddeback should bring checks for $25 to Corey Jones, Botanist and Scotia and Hydesville should bring checks for $25 to Nick Simpson, Macro invertebrate scientist.

All teachers/parents should bring digital cameras to document the day, to take pictures of groups of students working with scientists, and to encourage watershed Science Fair projects. Students will need log books, note pads, and pencils especially black, green, and brown.

Barbara Domanchuk may be available for filming to make a short documentary. The cost could be shared by all schools if desired. Contact me for more information.

All schools should check in for the weather on that day. If there are questions, contact Sal on Thursday, Nov.17th at school 764-2212 or 725-9218 in the evening.
Final decision will be made on morning of Nov.18th. Call Sal at 768-3189 early in the morning.

At present there is no replacement date so let's hope we are fortunate. Drizzly weather is fine but storms are not safe.

Sal Steinberg
Gate Coordinator. Scotia Union School District
Community Coordinator, Friends of the Van Duzen


Nov.14th Hydesville 10:30
Nov.14th Cuddeback 1:00
Nov. 17th Bridgeville 1:00

Assemblies will be designed for older students grades 4-8th. Its purpose is to inform students about the return of the salmon, the life cycles of the salmon, and allow students to share information about our special salmon migration in the Van Duzen.
Ms.Chris Ramsey from Fish and Game will present the information section of the workshop and will need access to a screen and electricity for a power point presentation.

Mr.Mike Guierrero will present some of his famous salmon art and talk about his techniques using actual salmon carcasses. He will also talk about watersheds.

Mike will also introduce the Salmon Watch Project from Friends of the Van Duzen. These presentations will encourage students to become more aware of their watersheds and of endangered species. We are recommending that the Salmon Tales project be integrated with the literature and science programs at the local schools.

Thanks for your interest in your watershed. Adopt a Watershed. Yours!

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