The Van Duzen Watershed Project

Semi Grand Opening of the new River Center in Fortuna

Fellow supporters or Friends of the Van Duzen. The new River Center in Fortuna is looking great. Friends of the Eel and Friends of the Van Duzen/Van Duzen Watershed Project now have a center at 703 Main St. in Fortuna. We will be having a semi grand opening this coming Saturday March 3rd from 10-4 if you can stop by. Hope to see you there. There is also a meeting this coming Tuesday Feb.27th. The agenda is listed below.


I am pleased to call the 1st meeting to be held in our newly opened, fully staffed and functioning Fortuna Office.

Tuesday: February 27th

Time: 6:00 PM

Location: The River Center....where else?

703 Main Street, Fortuna


Agenda: Introductions

Don Brown: Coordinator: Paddle to the Headwaters 15 min Presentation

The primary purpose of the meeting, except to introduce the building and our new tenants, will be To discuss all the details, secure helpers and do the last minute planning for our Semi-Grand Opening Saturday Mar 3, from 10 4 with the BBQ serving from 11-3.

There will be a few other announcements, but we'll keep this one short and focused on our office and the opening.

Refreshments: Will be served.

Friends of the Van Duzen River
PO Box 315
Carlotta, CA 95528