Funded by the California Water Quality Control Board, Integrated Watershed Management Program
Monitoring Site Table

The Van Duzen Watershed Project area is called the "Lower Van Duzen River Basin", which is made up of 8 sub basins, although not every sub basin has a monitoring site, and some have more than one. The table below shows where each monitoring site is located, with respect to its sub basin. Click on the name of the Sub Basin to view information.

Sub Basin
Monitoring Site
Chalk Rock No monitoring sites in this sub basin
Swains Flat Main Stem at Rainbow Bridge
Grizzly Creek Grizzly Creek
Root Creek No monitoring sites in this sub basin
Hely Creek
Hely Creek
Main Stem Marie Road
Flanigan Creek
Fox Creek
Cummings Creek
Cummings Creek
Lower Cummings Creek
Yager Creek
Yager Creek
Wolverton Gulch
Wilson Creek
Barber Creek No monitoring sites in this sub basin

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