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State water official halts logging plan
Sacramento Bee
The Associated Press
Thursday, April 7, 2005

State water board orders Pacific Lumber to temporarily halt logging

SCOTIA, Calif. (AP) - State water officials ordered Pacific Lumber Co. to temporarily halt logging in Humboldt County on Wednesday after environmentalists filed a petition questioning the validity of the company's timber harvest plans.

The State Water Resources Control Board issued the stay requested by the Humboldt Watershed Council and the Environmental Protection Information Center to suspend logging in parts of the Freshwater Creek and Elk River watersheds near Eureka on California's far northern coast.
In February, the North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board agreed to allow Pacific Lumber to cut up to 50 percent of the annual 1,100-acre harvest limit in the environmentally fragile watersheds, where residents complain that logging operations have caused flooding and property damage.
After Pacific Lumber officials protested, the regional water board voted 5-3 last month to allow the Scotia-based firm to log 25 percent - or about 400 acres - more than the board's executive director, Catherine Kuhlman, gave the company permission to harvest.
The state water board's decision Wednesday will prevent Pacific Lumber from logging the additional 25 percent until the board can hold a hearing on the environmental groups' petition. No hearing date has been set.
Pacific Lumber officials said the stay would create more financial uncertainty for the struggling timber firm, which has threatened to file bankruptcy if it can't down enough trees. The company said it would immediately appeal Wednesday's decision.

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