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Van Duzen Field Day
2020 Cereus Grant - Nurturing Nature

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Below;Hwy 36

The Van Duzen River below Highway 36.



Looking upstream on the VD at our temp probe site at Hwy 36



The Van Duzen below 36 looking downstream at water level


Water Clarity

Water clarity and quality was very good, despite algae, and trout sipped mayflies from the surface as I moved downstream.

Algae Masses

Algae masses were beautifully surreal, kind of like a green fog bank.


dissolved oxygen

Giving off dissolved oxygen in the day, and serving as the base of the food web, and strangely beautiful.



algae art

Algae Art!



Never seen Cladophora form bubbles. I am sending this picture to Dr. Mary Power at UCB.


algae octopus

Algae octopus?



Waves of algae on the edge of a deep pool.


algae art 2

Algae art identical to ERRP 2020 October calendar photo!



Trout were omnipresent, but not tons of them.


Amazing habitat

Amazing habitat with deep scour pool around house size boulders with big wood.


Crazy Lighting

Crazy lighting with trout at center and a big western pond turtle at upper right entering frame




The turtle stopped about four feet deep for a photo-opportunity (got video too).


Otter Scat

Otter scat on artsy rock - looks like more crayfish than fish bones




Happy Fall

Happy Fall!



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