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Van Duzen, Butte, and Little Larabee
2020 Cereus Grant - Nurturing Nature


South Fork

South Fork Van Duzen, also known as the Little VD, was tea colored, with lots of floating leaves, and a chilly 52 F

Looking upstream on SF Van Duzen below Hwy 36

Check the leaf deposit following rainstorm the day before, which may have hit the SF watershed a little harder than adjacent streams.

Hearty young of year steelhead fighting the current and leafy debris to get a snack.

Olympus TG-5 zoom shot - half a fish is better than none?

Butte Creek is a beautiful trout stream and they rose for mayflies while we retrieved our gauge.

Butte Creek - this shot has been on our calendar in the past.


Sal picks the probe on upper Butte, also 52 F


Yellow-legged frog freezes with leafy debris on him, using camouflage as a means of defense.

End of the line - mouth of Little Larabee on the Van Duzen above Bridgeville. 10/11/20. We got all 8 probes were were hunting for, but not the West Fork gauge, which is inside the August Fire perimeter.

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